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Affordable Pet Boarding Inn

Affordable Pet Boarding Inn :  Corinth TX dog boarding 
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How does a dog register for admission to APB Inn?

Many loving pet parents want to "meet the host Dr. Penni & Steve plus tour the facilities".  Due to the limited openings, limited time and factoring in the Doggie B&B is is our home not a major kennel - we came up with the perfect solution for ADMISSIONS & REGISTRATION that can include a Meet & Greet option.

When unfamiliar human beings enter our home it stresses the dogs.  Their natural behavior is protect and barking becomes intense.  We created the Inn to be a safe sanctuary for your four legged baby while you are gone.  In order to lower the stress for the dogs & us we incorporated a MEET & GREET by appointment.   We realized early on in the beginning stages of opening our Affordable Pet Boarding Inn for dogs that spending time with "tire kickers" was extremely disruptive to our home environment and frankly not profitable.   ; our Named the Nich Hotel By Luxe International Magazine & The Best of Denton for dog boarding, our Dog Bed & Breakfast - is our home where we live & we offer professional pet sitter services.  

Rather than spending hours with stranger touring our home at no cost for our time we instituted this REGISTRATION process.  When we take a dog for MEET & GREET we keep them for a complete overnight stay to observer their behavior.  We also turn away aggressive dogs who consistently bite or try to bit humans.  We must make certain the dogs have appropriate shots.  Also, we check for fever, runny nose or any other sign of illness.  This allows your dog to experience our comfortable home arranged for all the comforts a dog could desire.  It allows you the concerned pet owner an opportunity to meet us, the host of APB Inn and allay your concerns.  If you decide it is not for you - we will process a complete refund.  If we decide the dog is not a match for our situation, we will refund your money with a refusal for admission.  We no longer take larger dogs in our main area and we focus on small dogs inside the Inn.  Once we had a dog that jumped on windows and broke them.  He actually destroyed a chair.  We changed his behavior with large bones, a water pool and more exercise.  Many barkers behavior can be addressed with these techniques.   We can also pick your dog up with Pet Taxi for free & return your dog after trial registration boarding.

As animal behavioral specialist we can work with most any dog, however we must consider the safety and influence on other dog guest in our in.  Another dog was over protective - yapper, bity to men and a picky eater.  We were able to work with her and all the issues were under control prior to her departure.  She falls back in to that same pack mentality anytime she visits.  She is also a lap puppy and a joy to pet sit for now.  

Just select your date for the trial boarding and then select the option Meet & Greet one night boarding.

Meet & Greet Admission Evaluation ($35.00 / night)  
Meet & Greet Option