where dogs love to stay & play                                          starting at $30 per night
free Pet Taxi available                                                                      
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Affordable Pet Boarding Inn

Affordable Pet Boarding Inn :  Corinth TX dog boarding 
pet sitting dog B&B. cageless dog boarding Corinth, TX
dog kennel alternative,  pet sitters & dog sitters
Pet Taxi  door to door transport

every dog is different just like people and their fingerprints - 

there is no one training fits every dog program -

we do meet & greet, evaluate then make a personal recommendation

--- and yes it is very personalized so it will fit you and your dog perfectly!

  • Dog Training
    • Obedience & Therapy Dogs
  • Cageless Dog Boarding All Suites 
  • Basic Grooming
  • Stay & Play
  •  World Champion German Shepherd Breeder

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$50 Cageless Boarding/Training (special attention)

  • such as separation anxiety,  
  • runs off, 
  • tiny & is accustom to being in your arms, lap or by your feet, 
  • very shy & afraid,
  • needs potty training
  • you want behavior reinforcement & very personalized attention for your dog while boarding