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Affordable Pet Boarding Inn

Affordable Pet Boarding Inn :  Corinth TX dog boarding 
pet sitting dog B&B. cageless dog boarding Corinth, TX
dog kennel alternative,  pet sitters & dog sitters
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North Dallas & East Texas dog boarding Free Pet Taxi to our Dog Ranch & Retreat

in Canton, TX

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20 years experience

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In home loving care for your small dog.  We specializing in miniature dogs, tiny dogs, small dogs.


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About Us

We love dogs. We board and sit tiny dogs, teacups, toy, miniatures and some puppies. We have one exterior K9 King run for large dog who is spayed or neutered. This is completely separated area from any large dogs. We love all dogs and have kept many breeds. We are Pet Tech Certified with CPR and safety training. A special loving home where your tiny dog will not get lost in the crowd but receive one to one attention, time, activities and care. We have special rates for 5 days per week or 5 nights per week. Also will accept drop ins to cover your vacation or those who travel some with their jobs.